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Can’t Go? Give.

by Melissa Chang |

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Not everyone can go around the world helping others. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have an impact and actually change the lives of those you may never meet on the other side of the globe. Here are some creative ways you can help change the world by giving.

water well Clean Water
Women and girls in developing communities often spend a large portion of their day fetching water for their families — water that may not even be clean. Your gift to the Clean Water Fund will help provide resources such as safe, protected wells, hand pumps, and latrines to improve sanitation. You’ll be safeguarding the health of mothers, children, and entire communities by minimizing waterborne illness. Plus, you’ll give mothers more time to care for their families, and girls the time they need to attend school.

microfinance loanMicrofinance Loan
Put strength in the hands of an impoverished woman with a small loan she can use to start or expand a business — the income from which can help feed, clothe, and educate her children. As loans are repaid, the funds are used to provide new loans to others. Your gift today can be recycled to literally hundreds of women in years to come!

Clothing for Children
Countless children are suffering from colds, influenza, and even pneumonia because they lack one simple thing: warm clothes. You can help deliver urgently needed outerwear to protect these children from the deadly elements. The poorest of the poor have only tattered rags, or even no clothes to wear at all.

education in africaEducation for a Child
“My children used to be chased away from school because they didn’t have school fees or uniforms,” says Virginie of Rwanda. Your gift can help pay school fees or provide essentials like uniforms, textbooks, backpacks, and school supplies such as notepaper, scissors, pens and pencils, and crayons — helping ensure that one child has what he or she needs to come and learn.

Malaria Prevention
Malaria kills nearly a million children and adults each year. While life-saving preventive measures are inexpensive by U.S. standards, they are out of reach for poor families in malaria-prone regions, who must watch helplessly as their children suffer. Your gift will provide bed nets to keep mosquitoes away from one family as they sleep — plus critical education for malaria prevention and control.

world vision childGlobal Food Crisis
Every seven seconds a hungry child dies. As food prices soar, the poorest populations — especially children — suffer most.

“I am meeting families in the villages, who, for years, have been surviving on a diet of naan and chai, or bread and tea, alone. Today, they can no longer afford the bread … It’s an unfathomable situation.”
—Mary Kate MacIsaac, World Vision communications manager, Herat, Afghanistan

There are so many ways to give, and your donations can remove suffering, create hope, and change futures. Change a life.

All photos are courtesy of World Vision.

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