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Getting Along With Fellow Missionaries

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DisagreementMany problems may arise during a mission trip. Those problems can range from poor weather that sets the mission back, difficulties communicating with locals, political unrest, and homesickness. However, one of the biggest problems that will arise during any trip is the problem of getting along with the other people on the trip. This is almost always a problem because those who go on missions often have very big personalities. They are very passionate about their jobs, and when you combine that with high stress and long hours, it often spells out disaster. All is not lost, however, if you can do the following things.

Understand why you are there
One of the best things you can remember while you are out on the field is why you are there in the first place. You are not there to quarrel with other missionaries. You have been sent on a job, and you want to get that job accomplished. Learn all you can about your mission before you go. Understand what is expected out of you. Once you arrive, focus on your reason for being there and work hard to accomplish this task.

Try to meet with all of the missionaries before you leave
While this is not always a possibility, you may can arrange a meeting with others before you go. Many times missions will have people from other churches or other areas. Some missionaries may have been on location a lot longer than you. If you can’t meet with them before going, try to establish contact through telephone calls, letters or emails to help you understand who you are working with.

Hear them out (aka Listen)

You have a definite opinion about situations and problems that may arise, but so do your fellow missionaries. When this happens, you need to have the ability to step back and hear them out. Listen to their opinion and try to understand where they are coming from. You never know when someone else’s opinion or ideas may prove more efficient or useful than you own. Make sure that when you do listen to others, you really listen and hear what they are saying. That goes a long way in getting along with others.

Don’t take charge right away
Sure every group or team has a natural leader. It just seems to happen. However, when you are on a mission, you need to resist the urge to come on too strong or too opinionated. Others will resent you and you will seem bossy. Take the time to get to know everyone before you appoint yourself the leader. Let others have the opportunity to fill this role.

The things that will serve you well in life will also serve you well on a mission. Just remember that you are there for a purpose and you should not let bad relationships or hard feelings get in the way of doing your job.

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