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How to Find a Missions Trip

by Carol Grace |

Picking a Trip, Short-Term Missions


Think you want to go on a missions trip but don’t know where to start? There is a great tool that you can use to find the perfect trip.

ShortTermMissions.com has created a search engine of over 1000 trips through 80 different agencies. You can search trips for individuals, groups, or families. You can also search by region or country, as well as length of stay and time of trip. Another really cool feature of this tool is that you can even search by ministry. You can choose construction, teaching, preaching, evangelism, admin, orphanages, and a lot more.

A couple of years ago, a bunch of my friends decided that we should go on a trip together during the summer. We could only go for a couple of weeks and had no idea where to go or even what might be out there. Luckily, we found this great tool and ended up going on one of the most life changing trips delivering the Jesus Film in Thailand.

We narrowed our search down to 2 week long summer trips between June and August doing evangelism. Once we found our trip, we knew it was the one for us. With so many organizations and trips listed, you are also sure to find a trip that is right for you.

Click the image below to start your search.

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Film Show – Murdoch, Cameroon

by Melissa Chang |

Cameroon, Jesus Film, Missions Organizations, Short-Term Missions, Stories from the Field

This is a video taken at a Jesus film showing in Murdoch, Cameroon.  It was the premiere in Murdoch of the film in the Gizega language.  If you want to find out more information on Jesus Film Mission Trips, visit www.JesusFilm.org.  Trips are usually 2 weeks long and are available in a wide variety of countries.

Videos from a Missions Trip to Cameroon

by Melissa Chang |

Africa, Cameroon, Evangelism, Short-Term Missions

Musician Cara Austin recently returned from a 2-week missions trip to Cameroon with the Jesus Film Project. She took a number of videos, and wrote letters to document the trip, and they are pretty amazing. You can check out Cara’s entire blog here, or check out the individual videos at the following links:

Arrival – Write up and video

Description of a film show – Write up and video

Lamado (Muslim Leader) – Write up

Cara in a Cameroon hospital – video

Film Trouble – write up

Welcome to the village – video

Description of Cameroon – write up

Cameroon dancing and singing – video

Children of Cameroon – write up and video

This is my favorite of the videos

If you or someone you know is going on a missions trip, and they would like to submit a video for inclusion on Missions Launch, please let us know via the contact page.

Raising support

by admin |

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Missions trips, whether short or long term, are incredibly enriching experiences. When you travel somewhere outside of your comfort zone, it puts you in a place of vulnerability where you gain a renewed realization of your dependence on God. Most times those who travel on missions trips return home feeling that they might have been touched as much or more than those they were ministering to.

FundraisingHowever, one of the biggest blockages to going is an apparent lack of finances, and the fear that missionaries often have about raising support.

One common justification for avoiding asking for support is that some people feel they are putting others out by asking for money for their trip. However, raising support allows those who may not be able to travel to invest in and experience second-hand the movement of God in other places. Raising support lets you give other people an opportunity to participate in your trip.

Besides involving those at home, God also wants to be involved. The same self-sufficiency that keeps us from involving others can often make us more and more independent of God. When we do ask for support, we put provision in God’s hands. We also open the door for financial miracles in this way; more than once, I have seen God provide out of what seemed to be thin air! He’s a big dude – give Him a chance to do His thing.

In missions, asking for support is not only necessary to meet financial needs, but opens doors of relationship between yourself, others, and God. It shouldn’t be viewed as a burden, but an opportunity. God will use your need as something to strengthen your faith. Afterall, He chooses to use the weak things of this world to shame the strong (1 Corinthians 1:27).

Short-term or long-term missions trips: How to choose which is right for you

by admin |

Long-Term Missions, Picking a Trip, Planning to Go, Short-Term Missions

Pile of SuitcasesThere are many people who dream of helping others and traveling the world. Both long- and short-term missions are great for this very reason. You can go just about anywhere for any length of time when you sign up for a missions trip, from an exotic location across the globe or right in your own state. So how do you decide whether to take a long or a short mission? Here are some points to consider.

Time to travel
When considering what type of missions trip you’re interested in, one of the first things you will want to consider is how long you can travel. If you have a job at home that you love and you do not want to leave it for good, then you need to look at a short-term mission. However, if you are not tied down to job, you are between jobs, or you are willing to quit, then a long-term mission is a possibility for you.

In addition, you may not be the type of person who likes to leave home for long periods of time. If that describes you, perhaps a short-term mission is best. If you are adventurous and don’t mind the idea of leaving the comfort of home for months or longer, then you should look at long-term missions.

Leaving it behind
When you sign up for a short-term missions trip, you will come back home fairly quickly. You do not have to worry about your home, pets or leaving family members behind for a long time. If you go on a long-term mission, these are all things to consider. You may not have the personality where you can leave it all behind for months or years, but you’ll need to factor what you’re leaving behind very carefully before choosing a mission.

Type of missions work
The next thing to consider is the actual type of mission work. Think this through carefully. Mission work is not an easy vacation, it is work and you will be expected to put in hours each day. Mission work is emotionally taxing and can cause high stress. You can certainly take a one- or two-week mission to build a church or help repair a school or homes. And that type of work, although difficult, will likely be easier than ministering to the very poor in a remote country for months on end.

You may not have the skills or inclination to work construction, but the idea of teaching or ministering may more closely match your interests and skills. These are all things to consider when choosing a mission.

Your calling
Of course, you may have a very specific mission in mind. You may feel it is your calling. In that case, think about your decision very carefully and talk to members of your church family who can help guide you through your decision-making. The decision to go on any length of mission should not be taken lightly.

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