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Missions Twitter: Week Ending 7/24/09

by Melissa Chang |

Africa, Missions Twitter, Stories from the Field, Tanzania

africaWe at MissionsLaunch like to let you know what’s being tweeted about in the world of Twitter surrounding missions. This week our theme is “Tweets from the Field.” We have especially been enjoying the tweets of mamaafrica who has been a long-term missionary to Tanzania for 5 years. Read and enjoy. Also, be sure to follow mamaafrica on Twitter. Happy Friday! 


mamaafrica: Brick making has turned into a marathon today.

mamaafrica: We have a clear sky, we have the usual soft wind and this day has been like all others

mamaafrica: Four year old boy just outside fence whistling and walking with a brick on his head. Walks ten feet and stops to wave at me

mamaafrica: The child does not know he is poor. With loving people around him and work being his play, he is rich.

mamaafrica: @rileynathan Congratulations! Mission work is so rewarding. God is blessing you. You will see

mamaafrica: Holding a baby who held his arms out for me to pick him up and hug him again and again and again was so wonderful.

mamaafrica: He had been left in an empty home for days.

mamaafrica: Found covered with bug bites and extremely malnourished he was taken to the Musoma Orphanage.

mamaafrica: Pictures of our work here in Tanzania http://bit.ly/DEHSe

mamaafrica: Had a Sanitation and Hygiene class for women of Bunda.

mamaafrica: Love being with God’s animals in Africa. http://mamaafrica-tz.blogsp…

mamaafrica: http://twitpic.com/8r2x7 -Children eating the papaya as they make bricks. Joy of giving

mamaafrica: Living in a country with no books is hard. Even with the problems in the U.S., you are so blessed with reading

mamaafrica: Watched an amazing African sky while electricty was out.

mamaafrica: http://twitpic.com/6c0wu – when you are 5 it is your turn to carry the baby on your back.

mamaafrica: http://twitpic.com/6c0m7 – Children who see no white people are afraid of Mzungu. A little boy in church next to me

mamaafrica: @MissionsLaunch Thank you so much. Just had a group showing the Jesus Film every night/ week. If we had a projector we could do it in Swhil

mamaafrica: Tuesday morning: Tea Toast and Twitter. All is well in Tanzania.

mamaafrica: Just found out that I too have malaria. Ugg. Feeling the war in my blood right now.

mamaafrica: Just heard a helicopter. Have not heard that in 5 years.

mamaafrica: is waking up to a soft rain. I like to think my same rain is cooling off the animals in the Serengeti just over our hill.

mamaafrica: Because of pounds of new bio-filters 450 more people for will have clean water.

mamaafrica: When I see the school going up, I hope I can use it to make a difference

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