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Touching Video:People in Ethiopa Seeing Jesus Film 1st Time

by Melissa Chang |

Africa, Ethiopia, Stories from the Field

This is amazingly touching video of the Gamo people of Ethiopa seeing the Jesus Film in their language for the first time ever. The people are so emotional during the showing that they are wailing and crying when Jesus is crucified. The video tells the story from the perspective of a couple who felt God calling them to adopt an entire language for the translation of the film. It shows them being welcomed by the people of Ethiopia and being there to help start the first reel as the Jesus Film premieres in the new language.

This Jesus Film translation was made possible by a partnership between Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Jesus Film Project, as well as the generous donations of those in the video.

If you want to view the Jesus Film online in any of over 800 languages, you can here.

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