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Missions Twitter: Week of 7/10/09

by Melissa Chang |

Africa, Burundi, Stories from the Field

AFRICAWe at MissionsLaunch like to let you know what’s being tweeted about in the world of Twitter surrounding missions. This week our theme is “Tweets from the Field.” We have especially been enjoying the tweets of daninreallife who is on a short-term missions trip to Burundi. Read and enjoy. Also, be sure to follow daninreallife on Twitter. Happy Friday!
daninreallife: Africa in 8-days. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready… I’m so ready!

daninreallife: In church in Burundi watching offering collection, mostly cash and 1-chicken.

daninreallife: Sun has set over the Congo, cool breeze blowing, God is good.

daninreallife: Sunday in Cibotoke: we are beyond internet connection, I can only transmit via phone. We also learned water is not on 24-hrs but whenever.

daninreallife: Sun has set over Congo, sky darkening. Sipping tea in thick humid air, reflecting on Burundi church planting campaign.

daninreallife: In Burundi, on hill surrounded by cows & people. 3-gospel presentations going @ same time. Cool!

daninreallife: In Burundi, shared Jesus w/ a Christian family. Children sang songs for us (new for me). We prayed together. We left the kids our lunch.

daninreallife: NOOoooooooo!! Left my shaving kit in Burundi! Tooth brush, soap, shampoo, razor… All gone! Oh well, I’ll still look good in 10-days.

daninreallife: In Burundi, our bus driver, who became a Christian last week, went w/ e-cube & led 6-people to Jesus!

daninreallife:Love my translator. Choir dancing (not singing) in front of me, translator leans in & says, “They dance”. Uhh, thanks, I’m not blind.

daninreallife: At Burundi Rwanda border customs made us unload all our bags & searched them…

daninreallife: Almost out of “hand wipes” they go fast when water is out at hotel. 12-days to go in Africa. :-(

daninreallife: Going to bed tired, filthy & sweeting in Burundi. Good day 5-Americans, 11-Burundi & 2-Tanzanians shared Jesus w/ 1201-people, 472 prayed.

Photo by  Jonas B

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