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Missions Twitter on the Unreached

by Melissa Chang |

Missions Twitter

twitterHere at MissionsLaunch we like to keep track of all the buzz out there surrounding missions. This is what we found this month surrounding the topic of the unreached.
Josh_Joyner For every 1 unreached people group there are 552 churches.

janalohse The unreached and unengaged? WE are God’s plan. There is no plan B. –David Platt

pathood Amazing day at LifePoint. Commissioned 17 missionaries to take the gospel to unreached people groups in Southeast Asia. It’s bigger than us

timshutes a church shouldn’t call itself missional unless it is seeking to serve locally, plant nationally & engage an unreached people group globally

globalhike Pastors who do not teach and lead their members to engage unreached peoples are not making fully devoted disciples of Jesus

Ben_Schoeman The CAMPUS is where 1,000s of intnl students from unreached nations are studying and very open to being reached for Christ

reddrevolution Unreached people of China on my heart…. If I don’t do something I would be ignoring God’s call

tim7809 40% of the world’s (people groups) are unreached with regards to the Gospel! What are you doing about that?

plattdavid Over 600 mill souls in N. India. Less than .5% Ev Christian. Multitudes of them starving today. What will we do?

NewTribes Village chief of tribe in Bolivia, “I have heard of God but no one has come to tell me who He is.”

It’s Summer Missions Time – even on Twitter

by Melissa Chang |

Missions Twitter

let's go
Photo by smoobs

It’s about that time again to start seriously thinking about summer mission trips. People are starting to pray, apply, and raise support. Here are a few people on Twitter, who are in the process now. We wish them all the best of luck as they follow the command to “Go.”

geohil: Taxes are done and mission trip letters are mailed. A very productive night in the Hillman house.

myklm3: Just submitted my application for a mission trip to Kenya!

wattzai: I’m going to China for a mission trip

sunsetisrising: Signing all my support letters for a mission trip, my hand is gonna fall off. 72 more to go!

agropinion: Trying to figure out a way to go to Burma on a mission trip

anthonytrevino: It’s a little late 4 this, but I am gonna be headin to WalMart pretty soon to buy stuff for my mission trip

rcfnick: Still working hard to raise support for my mission trip to Honduras.

lapetite: Raised 101% of my support for the Amazon Mission Trip in May! God is good all the time!!

gregoryrd: Going to the Philippines in May for a mission trip; can’t wait!  

GoodMornMrDyer: trying to plan a domestic violence/human trafficking mission trip in August this summer.

noellebellphoto: is praying for direction as to whether or not her husband and I will be going on a missions trip to Israel this fall.

SandyHousley: I am praying about a Brazil missions trip with WVC and Joni and Friends to distribute wheelchairs in September!

vannahmd: So pumped up for the missions trip.. I wanna start packin now!!!

EisleyJacobs: @cvaldezmiller God is sending me to Ethiopia on a Missions trip and it’s falling together soo perfectly. I am just amazed!

MorganEmerson: I wanna go on a missions trip!!

kermie209: needs YOUR prayers – Africa missions trip 2010, YES or NO, LORD? YOUR WILL be done…not MINE…please help!!! =)

bellcontracting: Piano must sell to earn money for Missions trip

KelseyGulledge: just received my acceptance letter for a mission trip to Haiti ! so excited/nervous!

torzaworz: IM GOING TO CAMBODIA AND THAILAND ON A MISSIONS TRIP un freaking believable !

Featured Twitter Missionary: ChinaKat79

by Melissa Chang |

Missions Twitter

Welcome to China

Tweets from ChinaKat79

RT @mandythompson: If you’re scared, you’re going to find every reason 2 not do what you know you need to do. W/ faith, you just do it.~Bono

@bradpalmore Contrary to popular belief, I have not seen 1 fortune cookie in China!!

Whoa, watching The Sound of Music in Chinese is a whole new experience!! ;) Of course, the music is still in English.

I must be running on pure adrenaline!! I even went to Chinese class & understood most of it! ;)

The stars look so beautiful tonight! It is 19 degrees out there-brrrr!!

What an incredible weekend!! I am so blessed-my cup truly overflows!

Ha, just heard our team member preaching at GR this morning “I don’t believe you have to go to China to go to heaven…but it might help” ;)

@dcmba You should have seen Ikea in Beijing today!! Craziness!!

Words cannot even describe how full my heart is and how thankful I am God is allowing us to be part of this amazing opportunity.

@jamhess I am trying to let Him guide, or else I’m pretty sure I would have never ended up in China! ;) He’s really teaching me 2 trust Him!

Oh my word, I am so in love w/these people!! Am looking forward to going home, but it really is going to be hard to leave. Such blessings!!

Just had such an amazing seeker’s study. Discussed Romans 5-SO powerful!! 

@csoutherland Yes it is & it’s pretty awesome worshiping in a diff. language, but I’ll admit I do miss singing in my native tongue at times!

I took a leap of faith & need YOUR help to stay here. Can you help us bring the Good News to China? http://tinyurl.com/btlfeet Thanks!! :)

I am preparing to send out my latest e-newletter from Beijing!! If you are not on my list…why not?! Let me know if you’d like to be added!

How many of you can say you have bargained (sometimes in a different language) for your Christmas presents?! ;)

We are all missionaries. Wherever we go, we either bring people nearer to Christ, or we repel them from Christ. ~Eric Liddell

Headed out soon to teach the Bible to my Wed morning ladies-I really love them!! Last time this year!

Man, I have been having so many more lonely moments lately, but God will sustain me! Praying 1 day I can share my adventure w/someone :)

RT @jclayville: i could more easily contain niagara falls in a tea cup than i can comprehend the wild, uncontainable love of God.

Headed to my first Chinese class in over a week…hope I remember everything!! :)

Ok, 11:30 & now to sleep. Talking w/friend from high school about our work in China-I LOVE it when people are interested!! :)

For the record, it REALLY bites to be alone in another country and sick.

Ugh. So tired…can’t sleep. Need to drift off & dream in Chinese soon ;) Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream…

@prudychick Thanks!! I would love to share with you how God brought us to China! It is late here, though-so I will try tomorrow.

RT @perrynoble: Jesus said the harvest is plentiful-let’s live, pray, believe & share Christ w/others like we believe what He said is TRUE!!

We had a new lady tonight who was asking some amazing questions. Never been to a study in China. Look fwd to talking more w/her!

RT @chineseteachers: hallelujah = ?????????

Featured Twitter Missionary 8/20/09

by Melissa Chang |

Asia, Missions Twitter, Thailand


We at MissionsLaunch like to let you know what’s being tweeted about in the world of Twitter surrounding missions. This week our theme is “Tweets from the Field.” We have especially been enjoying the tweets of dahlrfred who is a missionary living in Thailand. Read and enjoy. Also, be sure to follow dahlfred on Twitter. Happy Friday!


dahlfred: communing with nature in Thailand: a foolish toad almost got squished by hiding out in my shoe for the second night in a row

dahlfred: Redland Parish UK short term team headed home tomorrow. Thankful to God for their helpfulness, flexibility, and desire to learn.

dahlfred: forcing myself to sit down and do more Thai language study. Self-discipline doesn’t come easily for me

dahlfred: as we ate, our 3 yr old points to a huge floral display in the restaurant and asks, “Is that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?”

dahlfred: RT @martenvissereng: The suffering of missionaries is part of God’s plan to build his Kingdom (see Col.1:24).

dahlfred: Contextualization is not about making people comfortable, but about making the Gospel clear, doing away w/ obstacles that obscure the Gospel

dahlfred: nearly 500 John’s Gospels handed out at market by Thai Christian Students in Lopburi, as part of open air evangelism. Completely Thai run.

dahlfred: @martenvissereng Our message is forgiveness of sins but many in Thailand seem to preach a message of “Our God blesses better than yours”

dahlfred: Rain stopped. Take UK team for kids club in NongDoan then join up with Thai Christian Students in Lopburi for open air evangelism at market

dahlfred: learned that Thai equivalent of “shoot yourself in the foot” is “knock over your own rice pot” (?????????????????)

dahlfred: nothing distictively Christian about guest preacher’s sermon today. Muslim could have easily preached the same thing. Completely moralistic

dahlfred: Thailand grows massive insects. Unwittingly let one in. Almost got me in the face as I tried to drive him out. Monster Cricket: 1, Karl:0

dahlfred: glad for opportunity to preach God’s Word yesterday. Humbled by feedback that my Thai pronunciation was difficult to understand at times

dahlfred: driving out to Nong Doan to teach chronological Bible study then English teaching & Bible story at the elementary school in the afternoon

dahlfred: found a baby snake in Joshua’s room. About 1.5 inches long. Scooped it up in the dustpan and threw it outside.

dahlfred: “I have found there are 3 stages to every great work of God: first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” Hudson Taylor

Photo by zoutedrop

Missions Twitter: Week of 7/31/09

by Melissa Chang |

Missions Twitter

cartoon twitter birdHere at MissionsLauch, we have decided to post what’s going on out there in the world of Twitter surrounding missions. You can find our new Missions Twitter Log each Friday. Also, if you do use Twitter, please follow us at @MissionsLaunch. Happy Friday!

michellecastle: Is inspired by the faith of our missionaries, always ready to to where god leads

bretta75: I think I need to plan annual missions trips to poor countries. When I returned from Rwanda I had zero desire to be part of the American Drm

Bryan_Ferrell: God help us fulfill the great commission

chrisjohn_e3: A week from tomorrow we leave for Brazil to help spread the gospel and create new disciples. Please pray 4 us

jross1133: Pray for the medical missions team that is still in Panama. They will see 300 of Panama’s poorest today. Pray that God will touch their …

chrisandcaleb: If you can’t be a missionary, support one. Please RT

jtkwilliams: Saw a missionary friend last night who’d been expelled from China.

blogthereligion: Pastor telling story of first missionary in Burma. Evidently his scars in jail for being Christian lead to believers.

AvahD: @MelissaEGilbert I have family living in Africa as missionaries,adopted a little boy who was left in a field. thanks for what your doing!

SkiptheZip: @Lecrae Just had a friend return from a mission trip to Haiti. He said it reminded him how blessed we are and the need to preach the Gospel.

jmoore08: to the airport 2 leave for Africa! Mindful of generations of missionaries who knew they’d probably never come home. Avg life expect? 16 mos

wesleyskinner: Powerful to be in a stadium full of missionaries singing “here am I, take my life…”

Missions Twitter: Week Ending 7/24/09

by Melissa Chang |

Africa, Missions Twitter, Stories from the Field, Tanzania

africaWe at MissionsLaunch like to let you know what’s being tweeted about in the world of Twitter surrounding missions. This week our theme is “Tweets from the Field.” We have especially been enjoying the tweets of mamaafrica who has been a long-term missionary to Tanzania for 5 years. Read and enjoy. Also, be sure to follow mamaafrica on Twitter. Happy Friday! 


mamaafrica: Brick making has turned into a marathon today.

mamaafrica: We have a clear sky, we have the usual soft wind and this day has been like all others

mamaafrica: Four year old boy just outside fence whistling and walking with a brick on his head. Walks ten feet and stops to wave at me

mamaafrica: The child does not know he is poor. With loving people around him and work being his play, he is rich.

mamaafrica: @rileynathan Congratulations! Mission work is so rewarding. God is blessing you. You will see

mamaafrica: Holding a baby who held his arms out for me to pick him up and hug him again and again and again was so wonderful.

mamaafrica: He had been left in an empty home for days.

mamaafrica: Found covered with bug bites and extremely malnourished he was taken to the Musoma Orphanage.

mamaafrica: Pictures of our work here in Tanzania http://bit.ly/DEHSe

mamaafrica: Had a Sanitation and Hygiene class for women of Bunda.

mamaafrica: Love being with God’s animals in Africa. http://mamaafrica-tz.blogsp…

mamaafrica: http://twitpic.com/8r2x7 -Children eating the papaya as they make bricks. Joy of giving

mamaafrica: Living in a country with no books is hard. Even with the problems in the U.S., you are so blessed with reading

mamaafrica: Watched an amazing African sky while electricty was out.

mamaafrica: http://twitpic.com/6c0wu – when you are 5 it is your turn to carry the baby on your back.

mamaafrica: http://twitpic.com/6c0m7 – Children who see no white people are afraid of Mzungu. A little boy in church next to me

mamaafrica: @MissionsLaunch Thank you so much. Just had a group showing the Jesus Film every night/ week. If we had a projector we could do it in Swhil

mamaafrica: Tuesday morning: Tea Toast and Twitter. All is well in Tanzania.

mamaafrica: Just found out that I too have malaria. Ugg. Feeling the war in my blood right now.

mamaafrica: Just heard a helicopter. Have not heard that in 5 years.

mamaafrica: is waking up to a soft rain. I like to think my same rain is cooling off the animals in the Serengeti just over our hill.

mamaafrica: Because of pounds of new bio-filters 450 more people for will have clean water.

mamaafrica: When I see the school going up, I hope I can use it to make a difference

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Missions Twitter: Week of 7/17/09

by Melissa Chang |

Missions Twitter

cartoon twitter birdHere at MissionsLauch, we have decided to post what’s going on out there in the world of Twitter surrounding missions. You can find our new Missions Twitter Log each Friday. Also, if you do use Twitter, please follow us at @MissionsLaunch. Happy Friday! 


wmarkjohnson: RT @prayformissions: Pray God’s peace would rest in the heart of every missionary around the world today.

Wowena: RT @lecrae: Jesus was the ultimate missionary. Left Heaven for Earth.

simplyecclesia: @DMosley God didn’t wire me to be the President of the United States, He wired me to be a missionary. And I think Him :)

Chikabadododo: I want to be a missionary to Bangladesh. I just watched @uncultured video on youtube and I feel for those people so much. I want to help.

paulkim: Had lunch with 2 missionary friends this week. It’s good to be reminded of what God is doing in different parts of the world.

ClintDarst: “You don’t have to go to Africa to be a missionary. Your mission field is the ground between your own two feet.” Frank Barker-flightpath.

hawkcreek: RT @trevorbarton Met with a missionary who is soon headed to a restricted area. His passionate obsession with the nations I found contagious

jackgivens777: good to hear from my daughter Amy, extreme team missionary in the jungles of Peru. Training and conditioning complete, ready to be assigned.

ldubois2: Pls pray for Missy Camiola in Nigeria missionary mom of 4 who has malaria. She’s bringing gospel 2 wmn in prison & brothels pry 4 healing

rachellelucero: @DMosley but i’m realizing more that i’d like to do missionary work more, we’ll see what God has planned.

JuliaStar27: It’s like my Grandpa told my mom, “Don’t let Jenny do anything crazy and dangerous like becoming a missionary or something…”

Missions Twitter: Week of 6/12/09

by Melissa Chang |

Missions Twitter

 1040 window

We at MissionsLaunch like to let you know what’s being tweeted about in the world of Twitter surrounding missions. This week our theme is the Great Commission and reaching out to those in the 1040 window.  According to world evangelism statistics: Of the 55 least evangelized countries, 97% of their population lives within the Ten Forty Window, which is mostly Muslim, Hindu, and Communist. @CrescentProject is a great person to follow if you are interested in reaching out to Muslims, specifically. Happy Friday!

sidraz: Sahara Challenge -There are only 2.3 missionaries for every million Muslims.

FJTMinistries: Our primary call is to fulfill the Great Commission by sharing the Good News of Jesus with those who have never heard.

DerikOberholzer: 921 MILLION lost people in China who don’t know Jesus. Among another 690 MILLION in the rest of 1040 Window…send me

ProfessorQB: If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~Mother Teresa

WorldVisionUSA: – It tastes a little like mutton, but it’s camel meat, a staple of the daily diet in #Somaliland

MissionsLaunch: More churches have been planted in Iran in the past 15 years than in the past 1500 years – John Hull, EQUIP CEO

jasonkovacs :As of yesterday, there were 6,532 unreached peoples (according to JoshuaProject.net)

sidraz: “Missions is just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.” -D.T. Niles

30dp: God is powerfully at work in Uzbekistan, a Muslim country ruled by one of the most repressive regimes

NationsBeGlad Piper: – I am praying several hundred of you in this room lay your lives down on the mission field

NationsBeGlad: Stetzer – don’t forget that there are people around the globe who don’t even have a word for our Savior.

iChristianLife: Luis Palau talks about the call to sacrifice for the Great Commission

CrescentProject: “Our job is not to make a Muslim become a Christian. Our job is to show them the true love of Christ.” -Fouad Masri

CrescentProject: Presenting the truth of Christ and the Gospel to a Muslim believer takes relationship, dedication and time. Are you willing?

Missions Twitter 6/5/09: Advice to New Missionaries

by Melissa Chang |

Missions Quotes, Missions Twitter, Should I Go?, Spiritual Issues

compass trinketHere at MissionsLaunch we decided to ask all of those missionaries out there, who use Twitter, to give us their best advice or words of inspiration to those just starting out or thinking of starting out on the missions field. Here is what they had to say:

YWAM Missionary: billhutchison
Words for Missionaries – Don’t let others tell you that you are crazy to go into missions. God will provide in amazing ways.

Missionary to India/Pastor: stevehutto
Know that you have a very, very special calling and that God will move mountains to uses you! Also know that the hunger for God “out there” will sustain you through every circumstance

Wycliffe Missionary: woodwardmw
Time spent learning language and culture is vital. Also important to realise generally you’ll learn much more than you teach

Missionary to Peru: CharXime
The word I want to give to new missionaries is,”Remeber it is easier to change one person than it is to change thousands, so start with yourself, adjust to where you are.”

Missionary to Tanzania: mamaafrica
To those starting out on a mission field: People will let you down all over the world. God will not. Take time to listen.

E3Partners Organization: carolw70
Remember your calling! Satan will attack you in many ways to get you out of the field. Fight him w/ scripture and God’s call.

Christian Quote: lyka_m
“There are three indispensable requirements for a missionary: 1. Patience 2. Patience 3. Patience.” Hudson Taylor

1040 Window Proponent: Angelamz40
Take a Perspectives class b4 you go! www.Perspectives.org or @PerspectivesWCM

Missionary in Africa: christfollower
If I’d wanted to do something easy, I wouldn’t have answered the call to the mission field (found not sent in)

Christian Marketplace Proponent: money_ministry
“advice…those just starting out on the mission field” Study and understand fully God’s gift economy.

Missionary in Latin American: chrisleake
Be a learner of language, culture, and of what God’s doing and has already done *before* trying to do things.

Missionary in East Africa: missiondiary
that it Is God’s ministry and That they need to trust Him. And trust In God power. Acts 1:8 :D

Former South American Missionary: simpleorange
“language learning” – a great excuse for frequent stops at corner markets/street vendors for pastries & other yummies :)

Preacher: preachershane
Missions is not about sending missionaries, but about sending the truth of God to a people (found not sent in)

Story4ALL Organization: bt4jc
Gen 12 says that Abraham followed not knowing where going; don’t expect ducks in a row! Won’t happen! Hear God about your choice of ministry, record the words and stand on them. At times that’s all that will keep you there. After the honeymoon and nightmare periods you will come out to meaningful effectiveness; stay the course! Make sure it is his word that guides you; not mammon (support raised). He who called you is faithful and will do it! NEVER let the need determine your investment! Your ability to invest daily is linked to intimacy with Jesus ONLY! Hudson Taylor said ‘God’s will done God’s way will never lack God’s supply’. It’s true!

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Missions Twitter: Week Ending May 29, 2009

by Melissa Chang |

Missions Twitter

cartoon twitter birdHere at MissionsLauch, we have decided to post what’s going on out there in the world of Twitter surrounding missions. You can find our new Missions Twitter Log each Friday. Also, if you do use Twitter, please follow us at @MissionsLaunch. Happy Friday! 


martinevan: Remember your very first Missions Trip when you were amazed by everything?

samuelarce: @noitisop hey, just found out kris allen is also a christian.he was a worship leader,and done missions trip around the world..

JulieMarieSenn: Came out of practice tonight to see a DR missions app on my car and a note that said “Fill this out, God has a plan, ur trip has been paid for.

collinsbob: The countdown has begun – 6 more days until our missions trip – Costa Rica here we come!

BryanPittman: Please pray for some missionary friends of mine whose identities have just been discovered. They are in danger, that is all I can say.

sparkymcwirenut: First morning after an awesome missions trip. Lord, help all who went to not slip back into the old routine and forget what you taught us.

SharonPeterson7: Two more days to my missions trip. I can’t wait……

vesselproject: Faith makes things possible, not easy.

staton4: Half the fun of a missions trip is the preparation, and seeing how God brings it all together! Starting to get excited! -Jamaica or bust!

RandDuren: @pelirroja_ I went on a missions trip, to take food and things like that to the tribes in the Amazon.

PARKPLACEMTG: “The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. – William James

exploringperu: It is a strange thing to come home. While yet on the journey, you cannot at all realize how strange it will be. – Selma Lagerlöf

heatherthorne: I managed to finally get through 2000 mission trip pics and cried all over again. Working on the slideshow today.

HordCoplanMacht: RT @bwmc Mission accomplished. BWMC mission group performs 141 surgeries on first trip to the Dominican Republic.

ReinhardBonnke: The great commission must be your great ambition! (Matt. 28-19-20)

jimastephens: Tonight we sat with a retired missionary who served in Central America for 28 years. He’s 92 and took up tennis at age 84. Good stories.

bloodintheboots: @globalcast greatest resource for a young missionary is simple… “GO”

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