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After the trip…

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After the Trip, Missions Emotional Issues

Blue FlameShort-term mission trips can be likened to a retreat in some respects. We leave our everyday problems back home (hopefully you didn’t pack them, too) and our focus is on God and His purposes. Our responsibilities are light and we are on a spiritual high, so to speak. Hopefully, the experience has left us forever changed; we have a different worldview.

Upon returning home, people may react differently. For some, it may have the effect of a fun vacation that is forgotten in a couple of weeks as they reenter normalcy. They have to work to keep the flame alive after the mission trip is over. But for others, it is never forgotten and they struggle with the emotional impact of it all. It’s like they are walking around so full of the Holy Spirit they could just burst if they don’t let some of it out, but no one understands or cares to listen to them gush over their experience. It is very deflating to realize that the world didn’t stop while we were on our mission trip. It may be difficult for a while to concentrate on our daily duties. We may even feel depressed. So, how do we prepare for it?

Bend an ear
Before you leave for your trip, ask your prayer partners to agree to let you gush your stories to them. Show them your pictures and souvenirs. Assign it as part of their commitment. It may be advisable to set a span of time. You may have a lot to say!

Plan a team party
Have the team meet for a time of sharing pictures and stories. Recall impactful things. Each person can share how God changed them on this trip. Discuss future plans. Recall the names of the people they met. Pray for them by name.

Present to your church body
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation and have team members share some of their experiences. Have team members give testimony of their experience. This helps those that helped finance the trip “see” that God used them to make a difference, too. Set up tables displaying pictures and memorabilia. Be creative.

God wants you to tell what He has shown you. Keep that fire burning inside you and give it to others. You may just start an unstoppable wildfire.

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