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How to Connect With Unreached People Groups in Your Own Backyard

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In the United States, there are unreached people groups who are here attending universities, visiting family and friends, or making a new life. Only 2.4% of the population of the United States in unreached, but that 2.4% is important. So, once you take note and find out where to find the unreached in your own backyard, how do you connect?

1. Say Hello

The first step is to say, “hello.” Instead of just going around business-as-usual, take the time to be friendly. Eventually you can strike up a conversation and create some friendly small talk. Even if your neighbor isn’t unreached, it is always a good reminder to try to keep from going through life with our heads down. Looking around and connecting with others is always a first step.

2. Take Interest

Another thing you can do to connect with your unreached neighbors is to find out about their country. Feel free to ask them where they are from and to take an interest in their customs and even beliefs. It might be nice to find out how to say, “hello” in their language to show your interest in and respect for their culture and who they are.冰雪世界

3. Invite Them Over

Eventually, if you become friends, you might want to invite their family over for dinner or to go out. They might feel more comfortable coming to a new home if their whole family is invited. They might not feel comfortable enough to say yes, but keep trying to be creative and let the Holy Spirit lead you. Find our their favorite meal. Perhaps they would be willing to meet you out for dinner.

3. Join a Minisry

If making your own connections is proving to be difficult, another option is to join with a ministiry already in place that is reaching out to international students. You could volunteer at an ESOL class or an International Ministy at a university.

Honestly, there is no secret formula for reaching out to your unreached neighbors. Caring and taking the time to try is what is truly important. If you want a great resource to give you more ideas, visit ReachingInternationals.com.

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