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How to Find Unreached People Groups in Your Own Backyard

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As we discussed last week, there are indeed unreached people groups in the United States. Many of these return back to their original countries or have friends and family there that they communicate with and visit regularly. The exciting thing is that you can help reach the unreached right in your own backyard.

The first step,  however, is to figure out how to find them.

1. Keep Your Eyes Open

As you walk through your neighborhood and visit your local shops and restaurants, keep an eye open for who is living next door or working at your local businesses. Unreached people can be Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and more. They might come from India, Pakistan, China, the Middle East, and many other countries. Recently, I met a wonderful family that owns a local pizza shop who came here recently from Iraq. If you live in a city, it will be much easier to find those from unreached areas, but even in rural areas you might be surprised at who your neighbors are.

2. Check Your Local Universities

Another way to find unreached people groups in your area is to check with ministiries at your local university. To find out which organizations are working with International students, ask the university, your local church, or do an online search. You can also check with Intervarsity, Navigators, or Campus Crusade for Christ. If your university does not have a ministry there, you can volunteer to be a host family.

Now that you know where to look for unreached people groups in your own backyard, you just need to know how to reach out to connect with them.

Got any more ideas? Just put them in the comment section.

Tune in next week to find out How to Connect with Unreached People Groups in Your Own Backyard.

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One Response to “How to Find Unreached People Groups in Your Own Backyard”

  1. Carly Says:

    To add to #2, some university’s, like mine, offer dozens of student organizations that are geared towards certain cultures. For example, my campus has ISA (International Student Association), NAACP, Italian Club, Japanese Club, Chinese Club, Model UN, Model Arab League, Model African League, Turkish Student Organization, Latin American Association, the Global Village, and on and on and on! We found that there was a disconnect between the campus ministries and the students in these organizations. Through partnerships with churches and those ministries on campus, we’ve begun to bridge this gap and reach the international students with the gospel and with service. You would be surprised how NEEDED your services are among international students– everything from airport pickups, to shopping, to friendship, to the most important, the gospel. They are usually eager to know more about America, be in American’s homes, and enjoy America’s activities. Take advantage of it! God will do much.

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