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What’s the Deal with the 10/40 Window?

by Melissa Chang |

Facts and Stats, Strategy

If you look at the world to see where the most unreached with the gospel are located, you can see a trend. Check out this map from the Joshua Project. The area in red is the least reached.



A man named Luis Bush was looking at a similar map and statistics and realized that the majority of the unreached people are in an area within 10 and 40 degrees latitude from Western Africa to Eastern Asia. Luis drew a box around this area and called it the 10/40 box. However, his wife, Doris, suggested he call it the 10/40 window because it is a window of opportunity.










This area has 2/3 of the entire world’s population, but it is well over 90% unreached with the gospel. Not only that, but only about 4% of Christian missionaries are working there. This is also because this area is resistant to the gospel and has well-established religions and governments contrary to the Christian message. Most of the world’s Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists live within the 10/40 window.











Since so many of the world’s unreached are in that area, some missions organizations are focusing on that area specificially and some are seeing amazing results. There is a new movie coming out that is going to highlight some of the changes and exciting things God is doing there. See the trailer below.



For more information on the 10/40 window visit Joshua Project or Light the Window.

Cool New Song About Missions from Sonic Flood

by Melissa Chang |

Mission Songs

Recently, Sonic Flood has come out with a new song about missions that is totally cutting edge. It addresses unreached people groups, the Great Comission, and asks if it can be fulfilled in our generation. The song is called:

Are We There Yet?

In addition to the song itself, Sonic Flood traveled to Lebanon and Syria to meet people there and film the music video for the song. While there they visited a mosque and met many people from the area including a Bedouin family that made a great impact on them. Sonic Flood also has a video of the behind the scenes of their trip as they filmed their music video.


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