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Theological Musings of a Former Muslim: 7

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Recently, we ran the testimony of a former Muslim who turned to Christ. Now in a new series, we have decided to share the theological details of his conversion, quoting both the Qur’an and the Bible. We ourselves do not claim to be experts in either, but we do feel it could be of great value for others to see the scriptural issues and conclusions that “Sam” went through during this process.

Here is his discovery of…

sunburstThe Term “Son of God”


Through further study I also began to understand how the Biblical significance of the term “son of God” differs from the Qur’anic understanding of “son of god.” The Qur’an denies that God begets, or is begotten, in a physical sense (Lam yalid wa lam yulad). Eventually, however, I accepted that Jesus could be called “the Son of God” (as the Bible explains this term) in a spiritual sense, in the same way that He is called God’s Word. Here again I was grateful to the Qur’an for serving as a bridge to a fuller comprehension of the Biblical significance of the term “Son of God” when uniquely applied to Jesus.


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