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Living Testimony of a Former Muslim

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I was born on a Tuesday in December of 1967. My father was a Mullah (a Muslim religious leader) in a small village in South India. Everyone in the village respected my family because we were strictly religious. My father’s special duty was to read from the Qur’an in Arabic to our Muslim neighbors. Yet he did not forget to teach his own children.

At the age of five I went to the nearby Madrasa (Muslim religious school) to learn Arabic, so that I could study the Qur’an.


One Saturday, the market day in my village, when I was going home from school, I saw a large crowd in the market place. I went over and found a group of Christians there. They were telling the crowd about their faith stories from the life of Jesus and selling Christian booklets. I bought two of the booklets.

 1. The New Testament in my language

2.  The Way of Salvation 

I kept my booklet although I despised Christians. When I reached home, I sat down in a quiet place and started to read these books.  As I read, I wondered if the Jesus of this booklet was the same ‘Isa whom I knew about as a prophet. To my mind, the Jesus of this booklet was different from the Jesus of the Qur’an. Now I read that this Jesus could forgive sins. This very forgiveness of Jesus had changed (transformed) many sinners, and it made me love Jesus.

In fact, I considered my heart to be in a worse condition, full of a sinful nature. How could I find freedom from this spiritual disease? The booklet offered the cure. I rejected it because I had been taught that God alone forgave sins – not Jesus, the prophet.

Nevertheless, I could not free myself from the strong argument in the booklet. I became uncomfortably aware of my own sinfulness. What would become of me when I died? I could not escape death or the Day of Judgment. I made up my mind to find out more about Jesus with the help of a correspondence course advertised in this booklet.


I had very much interest to collect and study the Biblical books.  At the same time I continued all the practices of Islam. I could not forget the name “Jesus” when I repeated it every evening in my recitation of the Qur’an! So I decided to make a study of Jesus in the Qur’an and in other Muslim books. I had learned Arabic in my very childhood, so I could read and understand the meanings of Qur’an.

I found that ‘Isa has a very important place both in the Qur’an and in the Hadith – or Muslim tradition. In the Qur’an it seemed to me that ‘Isa was even more important than my prophet Muhammad. Some of my Muslim friends came to know that I was reading Bible and Bible related books. They gently suggested that I concentrate more on Muhammad. Still I continued to wonder about those Qur’anic passages which referred to Jesus, to His unique birth, and to His marvelous deeds.

Not far from my home there is a Christian Church.  I decided to go there secretly. When we arrived, the pastor of that church received me and began to share the gospel. After some discussion the Pastor suggested that I read the Bible with a prayer for understanding.  I obeyed his suggestion and I continued my reading of the Bible.

An awareness of my own sin never left me. It gnawed at my heart continually. After few days, I felt again a strong desire to see the pastor. I had to share my difficulties and doubts. The Pastor encouraged me and answered my questions about Christian beliefs and practices. Most of his answers satisfied me .

I returned home with a copy of the whole Gospel which my friend had given to me. Although I was very glad to have it, I was afraid that someone at home might see it. So I put the Gospel in a plastic bag and hid it under a stone in the forest. I often went out of the home to read it, especially St John’s Gospel. One verse, the words of Jesus, gave me some consolation:

 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1

The words “believe also in me” impressed me greatly at that time. Although I was anxious and troubled, this verse comforted me.

Like a magnet the love of Jesus attracted me. I thought that if Jesus were my master too, how I would love him! Yet, when the idea of becoming a Christian crossed my mind, I rejected it as an evil thought from Satan – for I was a Muslim.


I continued to read the Holy Bible with care and attention. In it I found treasure such as I had never dreamed of – it has the power to speak to those who really want to find God’s revelation and guidance. It showed me my real self, my sinful and guilty heart, and showed me also that I was spiritually blind. It asked me to bring all my sins and problems to God in the name of Jesus the Messiah. He came to this world searching for me! He died for my sins and rose again; He went up to heaven, and He will come again. I became convinced that the Holy Bible is indeed the Word of God.

The Holy Bible brought the answers to the problems which worried me. Its living word was able to satisfy my soul. What I had never found before in my religious experience, I now discovered. I became sure that the Holy Bible faithfully and accurately recorded the works and teaching of Jesus – this mystery of God’s eternal Word coming into our world as man. Now I became convinced of the truth of His death, resurrection, ascension, and second coming, which before I had not understood and had even hated.

No doubt, many Muslim friends will continue to think that the Holy Bible is corrupt and abrogated by the Qur’an.

Yet let him – especially if he is conscious of God’s holiness and his own sins – give serious thought to its message. Then let him, as I have done, draw his own conclusions.


On January 26, 1985 I surrendered to Jesus the Messiah. I confessed all my sins and accepted Him as my personal Savior and Lord, and by baptism in 1986 I was united to Him and His fellowship.  I could feel divine power entering into me.  I rose from my knees a changed man with peace in my soul, joy in my heart, and assurance in my mind. And today I still have that same joy, hope and assurance. Although I could not explain it, in my heart I believed that all my sins were washed away through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, that I had received power for a new life of love, and that the Lord Jesus Himself was reigning in my heart.

But the same day I was sent out of my own home. I could not see my mother, one who I was extremely close to. My father died when I was at the age of 5. Till now the door of my own home is closed before me.


I had five years of systematical Bible training from two Bible colleges in India and graduated in the year 1989.  Soon the opportunity came to work with a Christian organization in the area. This gave me a chance to go to different parts of India to tell the Good News. I continued to do this for about one year. During that time I learned more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I am grateful to the Lord and to my friends in this team who gave me the opportunity to work with them. They helped me during difficult times.

My present concern is to bring the Good News of God’s light to my own people wherever they are, especially in my own area. May they accept the invitation of Jesus Christ which He gives to all to know the great Salvation of God.

I did not choose Him, but He chose me.  To God be the glory forever and ever.  Amen.

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2 Responses to “Living Testimony of a Former Muslim”

  1. Waldina C. Says:

    What an awesome and inspiring testimony!

  2. D Says:

    How wonderful. no-one can take that testimony of a real experience, communion and relationship with God from you! Praises be to His blessed, Holy name, Amen!

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