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Famous Missionary: Jonathan Goforth

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fish out of waterJonathan Goforth was a famous missionary in China. Just like his name, he was always going forth, further into China, preaching, teaching, and never quitting. He was totally into training local Chinese pastors, because he felt like that was the best way to spread the gospel. He faced a lot of hardships, but he always kept moving forward. He was attacked by mobs, reviled by Christians back home, and lost several of his children. A book written about him was called Never Give Up. He use to say that he would be willing to walk 10 miles to bring one lost soul to Christ.

As a kid, Jonathan was extremely poor.  He was so poor that people mocked him and mistreated him. He was highly educated, but was really not very good at languages. He had a really hard time communicating in Chinese and adapting to the culture. Eventually, he and his wife just started inviting the curious Chinese into their western styled home to give tours of their own culture. Many other missionaries disagreed with this method, but it seemed to work great for them.

One of the biggest turning points in Jonathan’s ministry was when a big revival swept the country. He said he saw more converts after that than he had in 20 years of missions before that. At the end of Jonathan’s life, he had set up thirty-one mission stations, trained sixty-one native Chinese pastors, and converted more than 13,000 Chinese people. 

So, no matter what your limitations, God can use you just as you are to make a difference for Him. What do you think He might have in store for YOUR future?

To read more visit http://www.hyperhistory.net/apwh/bios/b3jgoforth10ca.htm or purchase his biography at Amazon.com.

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