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rock concertFinding songs about missions isn’t as easy as you would think. It’s actually downright difficult. If you’ve ever tried to find a song to accompany your missions slide show or to play during your missions church service, you know that there isn’t the biggest selection.  At least that what it seems like when you keep coming across the same ones over and over that seem to have been written eons ago.  But actually, there are a few new songs out there that are pretty cool.

So to save you some search time, we’ve decided to make a list that lets you view some of what is out there. Some of these you have heard of before, but we hope that many of these are completely new to you. Also, we only picked songs released since the year 2000 to keep it fresh. We also only included songs that are specifically about missions or missionaries. We are including links to a place you can listen to a sample or view the lyrics if they are availalble. These are listed from newest to oldest. Hopefully, you will find some cool new mission songs that you will really love.

Matt Papa – Here Am I, Send Me

Album: Your Kingdom Come-2009
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Style:Modern Rock
This album has just been released. The song has a great groove and sounds awesome. It kind of reminds me of a mix between the Fray and Tim Hughes.

Downhere – Here I Am

Album: Ending is Beginning-2008
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Style: Modern Rock
This song has a rock anthem type feel. It kind reminds me of Casting Crowns, 3rd Day, and a little DC Talk. 

Starfield – I Will Go

Album: I Will Go-2008
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Style: Modern Rock/Hard Rock
This song starts out with a heavy electric riff  reminiscent of Switchfoot. It then calms down really nicely to being a very touching song. I actually played it at my own missions slide show. I love this song. Catchy, edgy and touching.

Avalon – For the Sake of the Call

Album: Another Time Another Place-2008
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Style: Pop
This song is a remake of the classic by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I was glad to see a remake because the lyrics are outstanding although the tune might be a bit dated. 

Drew Cline – To the Ends of the Earth

Album: Way of Life-2007
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Style: Rock
This song is fast paced with great riffs and a catchy tune. Drew himself has a great rock/country voice with a deep gravely sound that is fun to listen to.

Tim Hughes – God of Justice

Album: Holding Nothing Back-2007
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Style: Worship
One of the more quiet and moving songs on the list, this song really feels like a form of worship as Tim sings “Jesus, You have called us…we must go.”

Scott Krippayne – Willing

Album: Better than Life-2007
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Style: Rock/Pop
This song comes from an album created to represent real people who suffered for their faith. Although not necessarily about missionaries specifically, the lyrics, “Are you willing to die for the things you believe in?” are very inspirational and relevant. The song is catchy and has great vocals. 

Shannon Wexelberg – Send Me

Album: Better Than Life-2007
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Style: Inpirational/Gospel
This song is a group effort featuring Shannon Wexelberg, along with Scott Krippayne and Charles Billingsley. It has a has a definite gospelish feel with some amazing vocals. This song is also included on the Better Than Life album.

Building 429 – Fearless

Album: Rise-2006
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Style: Modern Rock/Hard Rock
This song was actually written to honor the Travel the Road missionaries. If you haven’t heard of Travel the Road, it is this very cool reality series about 2 missionaries who travel the world for years at a time, filming their activities.  For a while, Building 429 toured with Travel the Road as they preached and Building 429 played. The song’s lyrics are more subtle than other songs, but it definitely rocks.

Lecrae – Send Me

Album: After the Music Stops-2006
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Style: Rap/Hip Hop
This song is totally unique and refreshing in that it is the only rap missions song on our list. It has a very intense almost marching rythm to it as the Lecrae raps, “Send me, I’ll go. Let me go Let me go”

Delirious – Here I Am, Send Me

Album: The Mission Bell-2005
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Style: Pop Rock/Punk
This song has a jingling lilt to it which makes it sounds more popish than Delirious’s earlier songs. This song is unusual in that it actually references Isaiah, Ezeikel, Jacob and Paul, and mixes the ideas of seeing a vision to wanting to be sent.

Steven Curtis Chapman – Coming Attractions

Album: All Things New-2004
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Style: Pop/Rock
Steven Curtis Chapman has been around for a long time, but he is always making things fresh and new. This song has a very cool sound that mixes amazing acoustic guitar rythms with a modern ethereal sound. The song is very inspirational with a big chorus. I have used this one myself in the past.

Matt Redman – Mission’s Flame

Album: Facedown-2003
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Style: Worship
This song is another worship song singing “Let worship be the fuel of missions’ flame.” It is classic sounding Matt Redman.

Jonah33 – Working Man Hands

Album: Jonah33-2004
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Style: Rock
The lead singer sounds a bit to me like Third Day. The song has a rock beat but a slow tempo. The words say, “Give me what it takes. Let me go.”

Michael Bleecker – Here I Am

Album: Village Worship-2002
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Style: Acoustic Guitar
It doesn’t seem as though this singer has an album of his own that I can find. However, when searching for missions songs I came across a video of his song, and it really made me want to worship and to GO. This song is amazing and worth a look. I think you can purchase his music on a worship album from his church.

Mercy Me – Go

Album: Spoken For-2002
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Style: Rock
This song has a really great message, with classic Mercy Me rock beats. “There’s so many left to tell that You came for one and all. Use me.”

Hillsong – To the Ends of the Earth

Album: United:To the Ends of the Earth-2002
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Style: Worship
Hillsong always puts out some very inspirational songs that make you want to worship. This song is typical Hillsong, along with the lyrics “I would give the world to tell Your story.”

Mercy Me- Here Am I

Album: Almost There-2001
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Style: Rock
This is Mercy Me’s number 2 song on the missions list, so kudos to them for focusing on missions. I like the take on this song which highlights those who have never heard. “Never been told the name of Jesus. What a shame.”

Audio Adrenaline – Hands and Feet

Album: Underdog-1999
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Style: Pop Rock
This is our oldest song on the list, but it doesn’t sound that way. We figured we had to fit it in even though it just misses the year 2000 cut off. It has a very catchy pop rock feel.


Have anything to add? Just put it in the comment section to add to the collection. 

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16 Responses to “Modern Day Mission Songs”

  1. Jude S Says:

    I know of a couple of other songs…

    Third Day – Revelation
    Third Day – Ready
    Starfield – I Will Go
    Jimmy Needham – Speak

  2. PreparingToGo Says:

    He Reigns by the Newsboys is one of the best IMHO, musically and lyrically.

    And if you want to dig up some old school [punk], find One Bad Pig’s Isaiah 6.

  3. WordLily Says:

    I was going to say the Newsboys’ He Reigns, too.

  4. Sidra Says:

    The Mission – Newsboys

    “When the runners came from Bethlehem
    All breathless with good news,
    They were passing a baton forward through time.
    The commission, from God’s lips to our ears,
    Carried by His saints two thousand years
    Connects us all to the same lifeline.
    As I fix my eyes ahead,
    I can feel the Spirit’s breath.

    I can hear the mission bell ringing out loud and clear.
    It’s the revolution Jesus started, and it’s here.
    Echoing across the world from the shores of Galilee,
    I can hear the mission bell call for you and me.
    I wanna run with fire,
    It’s my heart’s desire.
    Lifting your love higher.

    In the history of our faith’s arrivals,
    Great awakenings, Welsh revivals
    Saints and martyrs, summoned by a new birth.
    Patrick’s save of the Irish nation,
    William Carey’s expectation,
    Lambs and Lions,
    Called to the ends of the earth.
    Gotta put my hand to the plow
    Not looking back, not now.”

  5. David Drake Says:

    I am also fond of “Beautiful Feet” by Lecrae, especially if your mission in in an American or urban context (our is) so it works well.

  6. Garett Says:

    Waterdeep – Go

    Incredible; addresses the reason for missions as well a common excuse for not going.

  7. Dee Says:

    I like Treasure of Jesus by Steven Curtis Chapman.

    What can I do
    How can I live
    To show my world
    The treasure of Jesus

    What will it take
    What could I give
    So they can know
    The treasure He is

    If I can sing
    Let my songs be full of His Glory
    If I can speak
    Let my words be full of His Grace
    If I should live or die
    Let me be found pursuing this prize
    The One that alone satisfies
    The Treasure of Jesus

  8. Chelsea Kauflin Says:

    Also check-out:

    “High Above All Things” from No Greater Love (http://www.sovereigngracemusic.org/albums/category/sovereign_grace_music/no_greater_love)

    “Let Your Kingdom Come” from Valley of Vision (http://www.sovereigngracemusic.org/albums/category/sovereign_grace_music/valley_of_vision)

    “Your Great Renown” from King of Grace (http://www.sovereigngracemusic.org/albums/category/sovereign_grace_music/king_of_grace)

    From Sovereign Grace Music.

  9. Lenia Salgado Says:

    I really like the suggested list. I work for FollowOne International, a missions organization. We believe there is a great need for songs that move the church to glorify God in worship (vertical Jesus and me) as well as move out in mission (horizontal -extending Christ love with the Good News). Below is the Cruciform Song List we’ve started. We will select songs from this list for the worship sets at our annual Connection Conference(www.connection2010.info).
    Song Artist
    People Need the Lord Avalon
    What in the World Babbie Mason
    We Want the World to Hear Big Daddy Weave
    Give Me Your Eyes Brandon Heath
    Share the Well Caedmon’s Call
    If we are the body Casting Crowns
    Until the Whole World Hears Casting Crowns
    Shout to the North Charlie Hall
    God of this city Chris Tomlin
    Love Will Find a Way Delirious
    Here I am, Lord send me Downhere
    Decided to Follow Jesus G. Davis
    Shine Generation Unleashed
    By Your Side Hillsong
    You Said Hillsong
    Mighty to Save Hillsong
    Glorify Thy Name Hosanna Music,Kent Henry
    Cover the Earth Israel Houghton
    The Power of One Israel Houghton
    You are Good Israel Houghton
    We Speak To Nations Israel Houghton
    My desire Jeremy Camp
    Speaking louder than before Jeremy Camp
    Something Big John Waller
    Jesus Commands Us to Go! Keith Green
    O, Church Arise Keith and Kristyn Getty
    Across the Land Keith and Kristyn Getty
    Compassion Hymn Keith and Kristyn Getty
    All Around the World Keith and Kristyn Getty
    Tears of the Saints Leeland
    Follow You Leeland, Brandon Heath
    Change the World Martha Munnizzi
    The King Martha Munnizzi
    The Motions Mathew West
    All Over the World Matt Redman
    It’s Rising Up Matt Redman
    Mission’s Flame Matt Redman
    Now To Live the Life Matt Redman
    Take It To The Streets Matt Redman
    Here I am Mercy Me
    Shine Newsboyz
    Thank You Ray Boltz
    Shine Salvador
    They’ve Never Heard of Jesus Scott Wesley Brown
    I Will Go Starfield
    Go Forth Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
    Light up this town The Red Airplanes
    God of Justice Tim Hughes
    Jesus Saves Tim Hughes
    City on our knees Toby Mac
    Days of Elijah Twila Paris
    Carry the Light Twila Parris
    Go, Make of All Disciples UM Hymnal 571
    Lord, Whose Love Through Humble Service UM Hymnal 581
    O Church of God United UM Hymnal 547
    O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing Charles Wesley
    O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing David Crowder Band
    This is My Song UM Hymnal 437

  10. Chelsea Hughes Says:

    I love “You Said” by Hillsong
    I’m sure it’s done by others as well. It has such a great message.

    You said, Ask and you will receive
    Whatever you need
    You said, Pray and I’ll hear from heaven
    And I’ll heal your land

    You said Your glory will fill the earth
    Oh, Like water the seas
    You said, Lift up your eyes
    The harvest is here, the kingdom is near

    You said, Ask and I’ll give the nations to you
    O Lord, that’s the cry of my heart
    Distant shores and the islands will see
    Your light, as it rises on us

    O Lord, we ask for the nations
    O Lord, we ask for the nations
    O Lord, we are asking for the nations

  11. Rachel Barnett Says:

    I always thought “Mission trip to Mexico” by Bunch of Believers (B.O.B.) was a perfect missions song.

  12. Dan Wimpress Says:

    Another good option is Tim Hughes – Give us your courage….

    to the ends of the earth we will go

  13. Heather Says:

    Lecrae is amazing when it comes to talking about missions. Two of my other favorites are:
    Don’t Waste your life
    Go Hard

    Some others I love:
    Desire–Jeremy Camp “This is my desire, to be used by You.”
    Madly–Passion “Let what we do in here fill the streets out there!”

  14. Josh Says:

    Tear Down the Walls – hillsong united, amazing song
    for those who are to come – hillsong united. That one’s the outro for hosanna and is stinking sweet.

  15. Barb P Says:

    Super helpful lists, thanks everyone! Here’s my contribution.

    “God of this City” by Chris Tomlinnn1

  16. Hector Says:

    thanks for the song choices!

    here is a great song for a slideshow…
    tree63 – look what you’ve done

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