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Interview with a Missionary: Linda Ables

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8-27-2009 12-42-30 PMLinda Ables and her husband, Ed, are veteran missionaries with more than 30 years of experience spreading the gospel in Latin America and among the Hispanic community in the United States.  Linda took the time to share some of her experiences and wisdom with us.  Here is what she had to say:

How did you come to the decision to become a missionary?

God called me at age 15 through study of missions in girls’ organizations in church, where my dad was pastor.

In what country / region did you serve?

South America, first, 1 year in Costa Rica for language school, and then in Ecuador (15 years) and Argentina (9 years).

What is God doing there?

In the Andean regions of Ecuador, believers are thriving and churches growing in spite of continued opposition.

What is the social climate like?

There is much poverty and need for education and medical care.

What are some effective ways to evangelize in this culture?

Showing God’s love through ministries to help families, such as clinics to give basic medical advice to mothers, etc.

In what ways has the native culture been integrated into worship services?

The Andean people sing in Quecha, their original language, instead of Spanish, and their typical instruments are used.

Please describe your most memorable experience as a missionary.

We were in Latin America as missionaries for 25 years. There were thousands of memorable experiences. Probably the best was starting a church in a new housing development in the largest city of Ecuador, Guayaquil, with all our family taking part and seeing the work grow from the six of us to a strong church of many hundreds by the time we left.

What is the most difficult hurdle you faced as a missionary?

Our family had difficulties with our two sons from the influence of Argentine culture with easy access to alcohol and drugs, even to young adolescents.

How did you overcome this obstacle?

We left in 1993 after we had been robbed and beaten in our home. We took a leave of absence so that our sons could have a more stable environment and complete their education.  Then we stayed in the U.S. to work in missions with Hispanics in the northeast area of Alabama.

What things should someone considering serving as a missionary consider?

Make sure God has called you, not just that you’d be interested in going to another country for any other reason.

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