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Featured Twitter Missionary 8/20/09

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We at MissionsLaunch like to let you know what’s being tweeted about in the world of Twitter surrounding missions. This week our theme is “Tweets from the Field.” We have especially been enjoying the tweets of dahlrfred who is a missionary living in Thailand. Read and enjoy. Also, be sure to follow dahlfred on Twitter. Happy Friday!


dahlfred: communing with nature in Thailand: a foolish toad almost got squished by hiding out in my shoe for the second night in a row

dahlfred: Redland Parish UK short term team headed home tomorrow. Thankful to God for their helpfulness, flexibility, and desire to learn.

dahlfred: forcing myself to sit down and do more Thai language study. Self-discipline doesn’t come easily for me

dahlfred: as we ate, our 3 yr old points to a huge floral display in the restaurant and asks, “Is that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?”

dahlfred: RT @martenvissereng: The suffering of missionaries is part of God’s plan to build his Kingdom (see Col.1:24).

dahlfred: Contextualization is not about making people comfortable, but about making the Gospel clear, doing away w/ obstacles that obscure the Gospel

dahlfred: nearly 500 John’s Gospels handed out at market by Thai Christian Students in Lopburi, as part of open air evangelism. Completely Thai run.

dahlfred: @martenvissereng Our message is forgiveness of sins but many in Thailand seem to preach a message of “Our God blesses better than yours”

dahlfred: Rain stopped. Take UK team for kids club in NongDoan then join up with Thai Christian Students in Lopburi for open air evangelism at market

dahlfred: learned that Thai equivalent of “shoot yourself in the foot” is “knock over your own rice pot” (?????????????????)

dahlfred: nothing distictively Christian about guest preacher’s sermon today. Muslim could have easily preached the same thing. Completely moralistic

dahlfred: Thailand grows massive insects. Unwittingly let one in. Almost got me in the face as I tried to drive him out. Monster Cricket: 1, Karl:0

dahlfred: glad for opportunity to preach God’s Word yesterday. Humbled by feedback that my Thai pronunciation was difficult to understand at times

dahlfred: driving out to Nong Doan to teach chronological Bible study then English teaching & Bible story at the elementary school in the afternoon

dahlfred: found a baby snake in Joshua’s room. About 1.5 inches long. Scooped it up in the dustpan and threw it outside.

dahlfred: “I have found there are 3 stages to every great work of God: first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” Hudson Taylor

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