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Susana’s Story-Finding Christ in the Amazon: Part 3

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Larry Garman and his wife, Addie served in the Amazon jungle of Peru for 45 years. They ministered to the Aguaruna Indians by providing for their medical needs and teaching them about the love of Christ. Larry’s time was also spent training missionaries.

One day, as a new class of missionaries gathered for their first session, Larry asked his students to introduce themselves. One of his new missionaries was a young Aguaruna man from a village near the medical clinic where Larry had ministered for many years.  That day, God shared with Larry a glimpse of the masterpiece he had been helping to paint in the Amazon for so long. Larry’s pupil was Susana’s son, a young man who wanted to be trained as a minister.

God had spared Susana’s life in Larry’s clinic. His mercy was evident in Susana’s recovery and his provision for her family. Susana recovered and raised her children with a strong faith in Jesus. In turn, her son grew into a man with a heart for spreading the gospel.

As a missionary, only God knows the extent of the impact your faith will have on the world. But, you will almost certainly catch a glimpse of God in action.

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Larry and Addie Garman retired from the missions field in April, 2009. The couple’s work lives on in Peru through the construction of the Larry and Addie Garman Missionary Training Center in the country’s second largest city, Arequipa. 

To learn more about the center, visit the Extreme Nazarene Ministry website.  Additional information about the Extreme Peru projects are featured in Engage Magazine.

2 Responses to “Susana’s Story-Finding Christ in the Amazon: Part 3”

  1. Jon Belisle Says:

    We are enjoying a Faith Promise Dinner with Larry and Addie on the 5th of Sept. at the Paradise Nazarene Church.
    I also heard Larry when he brought an Indian to General Assy a few years ago. I am happy to see them again and ask your prayers for the Paradise Church. I live in Oroville
    ,Ca where the Englunds reside.

  2. Harry G. Flinner Says:

    I have known Larry and Addie Garman since before they were missionaries. Ten years before the Garmans began their missionary career I took my wife and four small children deep into the Peruvian Amazon to begin the Cusu Mission where the Garmans ministered for so many years. Larry and Addie are a fantastic missionary family. I invite you to check out my Nazarene blog http://www.missionfieldathome.com

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