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Susana’s Story-Finding Christ in the Amazon: Part 2

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Though he was trained as a medical doctor, missionary Larry Garman knew his limitations. When ingested, the barbasco root was fatal to humans which, was something the Aguaruna Indians of the Amazon had known for a long time. he women of the community chewed the root when they were overwhelmed by sorrow or shame.

Larry had seen the hope in Susana’s eyes when she attended their small church. He had watched her grow from a child into adulthood. Why would a young mother with such promise have done this to herself? Better still, would God be willing to save her?

Larry treated Susana to the best of his ability, then he began to pray. He asked God for a miracle—Susana’s complete restoration. Then, he waited on God.

Larry was accustomed to waiting. His life as a missionary was one of complete dependance on God’s provision. When he first began his small clinic in the jungle of Peru, his faith had been tested. Modern medicine was foreign to the Aguaruna people, and their customs were not particularly friendly to the practitioner.

Larry knew he could help her, but there was a chance the treatment would not work. If it didn’t, she would not be the only one to suffer the consequences. If his patient died, Larry would also die at the hands of her village. Hesitating for a moment, the young missionary thought of his wife and children. Then, after raising a prayer to heaven, he plunged the needle into Susanna’s arm and began the lifesaving IV.

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Larry and Addie Garman retired from the missions field in April, 2009. The couple’s work lives on in Peru through the construction of the Larry and Addie Garman Missionary Training Center in the country’s second largest city, Arequipa. To learn more about the center, visit the Extreme Nazarene Ministry website. Additional information about the Extreme Peru projects are featured in Engage Magazine.

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