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How to Reach India – From Someone who Knows

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revolution in world missionsEver wondered the best way to reach certain countries?  Well, it seems like the people who live there might be the ones to ask. 

K. P. Yohannan grew up in a small village in southern India and accepted Jesus at age 8.  He is the author of “Revolution in World Missions” and is a life-long missionary. Yohannan is well known for his passion for spreading the Good News of Christ to the peoples of Asia. Yohannan credits the prayers and fasting of his mother with the heavy influence missions now has on his life.

When you read K. P.’s writings from any of his many books, you can’t help but understand the love he has for his country. One of Yohannan’s approaches applies his belief in the importance of Indian people hearing this message from other Indians. He believes that it is easier to convince Indians of who Christ is, if the messenger is one of their nationality.

Yohannan doesn’t discourage missionaries of other races or nationalities, but promotes the training of those men and women from India, who feel called to this assignment. K. P.’s belief was so strong that in 1979 he resigned from his pastoral position in America to work full time in missions. Through his work thousands of missionaries in 11 countries have been trained to minister to those needy and suffering in the world.

One of the trademark teachings of Yohannan is that the physical needs of the people must be met, if one hopes to have them listen to the message. So a large part of this work requires funding to provide such things as food, water, clothing to potential hearers of the Gospel. Yohannan’s philosophy is that one would have to ministerto the body in order to focus on the soul.

To read a copy of Yohannan’s book, “Revolution in World Missions,” you can purchase it at Amazon.com along with his many other books, as well.

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  1. Andre Says:

    I mean no disrespect, but one of the key points of Yohannan’s book is that meeting the physical needs of a person is NOT an essential part of evangelism. “Revolution in World Missions” makes it very clear that social projects such as dispensing food or establishing hospitals are a secondary or tertiary priority for a faithful missionary.

  2. nuarronge Says:

    Hi im a newbie here. Hopefully i mighnt be able to contribute to this site, Just though id come to say hi!

    thank you.

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