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The Importance of Appointing a Power of Attorney When Traveling Overseas

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flowerAs Christians we know that our souls would be blessed if we were to ever die for Christ’s sake. This, I believe, includes missionary work. Unfortunately, if something were to happen to us while overseas our business affairs would have to be dealt with and failing to appoint a responsible person could lead to conflict and unnecessary and additional heartache among those we love. Death while abroad isn’t the only event which warrants the drafting of a will and appointing a power of attorney. An accident could render us unable to speak for our self. This would then leave us at the mercy of local medical staff that may be unaware of our best wishes. A living will and appointing a power of attorney is then as essential as buying the plane ticket when traveling overseas.

When appointing a power of attorney it is important to choose someone that can be reached, that you trust, and who knows your wishes concerning the type of medical treatment you do or do not want in certain circumstances. Some people want their lives spared at all costs. Some would never want to be hooked up to a vent. With no power of attorney, medical staff will normally assume the person wants all medical intervention.

Just picking a person is not enough. Due to the Privacy Act, U.S. consoler officers may be prohibited to give information concerning the location, health status, problem faced, or welfare of an American to anyone, including family or congressional representatives, without the American’s express consent. This could create problems. This is why written documentation providing permission for the consoler to give information as well as the power of attorney to receive information is very important in case of an emergency situation. To make things nice and legal and to be sure every ‘T’ is crossed, it is advised to seek help from an attorney. One can be found through the Department of State’s website

The U.S. government, through the Department of State, provides ample information for all kinds of emergency situations including death or injury. The Bureau of Consoler Affairs offers assistance to families when a death or injury of an American citizen occurs overseas. They also deal with other emergencies concerning American citizens such as arrests or victimization of crime.

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