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reflectionWe all go on missions for different reasons. Sometimes the draw to the mission field is the desire for adventure or the need for a deeper walk with God. Before we step on the field we need to understand our motives and then compare it to the ideal inspirations that should be compelling us to share the Gospel cross-culturally.

A friend of mine, Billy, has been a missionary in Japan for about one and a half years. He sees two motives that people have for going on missions that are actually reasons to stay home. First of all, do not go on missions if you are avoiding your present situation.  “Your problems always go with you…you are the common denominator to your problems,” Billy explained. The other signal that we need to stay home is when we are motivated to the missions field out of a decision to finally commit our lives to God. According to Billy, being a missionary will undoubtedly strengthen our relationship with God, but going to the field should be accompanied by God’s calling. In these situations, we need to confront our problems at home and allow God to strength our character before serving overseas. 

Our motives for ministering cross-culturally should reflect the heart of God. Reading the Scriptures helps us discover His love for the world and His desire to seek and save the lost. Selfish motives can be transformed by spending time in prayer. When we do go to the missions field, we should be spurred on by a love for God and for people.

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