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Videos from a Missions Trip to Cameroon

by Melissa Chang |

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Musician Cara Austin recently returned from a 2-week missions trip to Cameroon with the Jesus Film Project. She took a number of videos, and wrote letters to document the trip, and they are pretty amazing. You can check out Cara’s entire blog here, or check out the individual videos at the following links:

Arrival – Write up and video

Description of a film show – Write up and video

Lamado (Muslim Leader) – Write up

Cara in a Cameroon hospital – video

Film Trouble – write up

Welcome to the village – video

Description of Cameroon – write up

Cameroon dancing and singing – video

Children of Cameroon – write up and video

This is my favorite of the videos

If you or someone you know is going on a missions trip, and they would like to submit a video for inclusion on Missions Launch, please let us know via the contact page.

Language Acquisition

by admin |

Language Acquisition, Planning to Go

When learning a new language, we often resemble children, struggling with small phrases and oblivious to common cultural expressions and jokes. Although the task seems daunting, anyone with patience, opportunities to practice, and a love for correction can learn a new language.

LanguagesA huge dose of patience is essential for anyone embarking on the journey of language acquisition. Languages have several facets besides grammar. There is also slang and connotation to consider. Language is evolving with new words being born and old words taking on new meanings. Be patient with yourself and never stop studying or practicing.

Learning a language takes time, but the quickest way to learn is by staying immersed and practicing everyday. Whenever I am in a new country and learning the language, I keep a dictionary or phrasebook with me. I read it on buses and learn new phrases that may be useful in upcoming conversations. Then, when I converse with the people I always seem to find opportunities to use my new words. Reading local Newspapers and watching television are also great ways to grow your vocabulary.

When I was flying to Italy, I sat next to an Italian who had recently moved to New Jersey. In regards to language-learning, he said to me,

“Correction is your best friend. When someone corrects you, you will never forget that word again.”

It is humbling to adjust to frequent correction, but it is part of the process of effective cross-culture communication. Even though English is the second-language to many people, it is important to speak the language that people use in their homes. As missionaries, we discuss spiritual matters that relate to people’s hearts and they will best express these issues in their mother tongue. By learning the language we show our dedication to the people we are sent to.

Photo by kiwanja

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